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Raise Your Standard

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

To achieve something new, you have to become something more than you are now.

You work hard at your business, but when are you going to work on your business?

“What are you doing to change your life now. What is your self-discipline, do you fall for temporary fix and abandon your long term goal?”

Who are you now? Do you have a Goal?

You are where you are because that's where you belong because that is your standard, that is where you're comfortable, you're complaining about not making enough money not having enough nice things it's only a complaint it's not a call to action, it's just the complaint if you say you want to make more money just how much more money do you want to make is it a dollar $2 $5 $10 hundred or maybe $1,000 or maybe $10,000 or hundred thousand dollars, you see my point your goal is not defined to get where you want to go you have to have a clear achievable measurable goal with a deadline. Without deadlines you don’t define when you want to achieve. You gotta have that when.

all your complaining is just that complaining, it's not a call to action, you know what I think, I think that you’re actually comfortable where you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are, you know misery brings company so it's for you something to talk about; to say that the that the big guys hold you down that you have no opportunity, that it’s someone else’s fault, sometimes yes it could be, but the vast majority is not, it’s only you. Just how much do you do to improve your life, to improve your financial situation, to improve your relationship. Do you even know where you want to get in your life, or are you just complaining without any goals. You See setting goals is the most important thing you can do in your life; without a clear goal you're just aimlessly navigating the Seas of life and then one day you wake up late in life realizing you haven't achieved much, you’re not where you want to be,

The Goals need to be clear, achievable, measurable and have a deadline. First set some short-term goals and long-term goals, own up to what you want to achieve, stick to the deadline. If it’s a long term goal set up some milestones to know that you’re on good path towards it. Do not set too many goals, I’d say list 20 to 25 things you want, and then from those only pick 5 that matter most to you. Ignore the entire rest, if you focus on everything then you won’t achieve nothing, do one by one. That list of 25 goals, just became a list of 20 things not to do.

Again, you just got to raise your standards you are where you are because that's where it's comfortable for you if it was the really bad you would actually do something to change it you know if you have a job that you truly hate, then are looking for another job or are you just complaining, if you lack a certain skill to make more, what are you doing toward learning that skill. I forget where I learned this from, but a key to a better job in life is to do a shitty job really well. I’m gonna let you think about it for a second: a key to a better job is to do a shitty job really well

you got to realize that everything in life is a compromise nothing is perfect, you don't get what you want just because you want it, you get what you have to have; you just don't have a big enough why you say you want to be successful but you don't do anything to reach that goal are

Are you educating yourself, are you gaining new skills, are you meeting new people, are you working harder stronger set up commitment setup unbelievable work ethic, daily routines, morning rituals to achieve where you are. Somebody told me a story once about a dog laying down on the wooden board with the nail in it and the dog was scowling so someone walking by ask the owner of the dog, what’s going on, the owner say’s he’s laying down on some nail, so why doesn’t he move asks the passer by. We’ll I guess it doesn’t hurt him enough. Think about that. Raise your standard and subscribe.

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