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Market leader in Camera Accessories Technology.  PMG Meticulously Engineers and Precision Manufactures best Gear in the Industry.  Made in USA, right here in Chicago.  Made in USA


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Crux Ordnance

Production of Visual Media, Online and Youtube Videos, and Product Photography, Lifestyle Photography.  Website Product Listing. SEO, and Social Media Management.


Four-Tech Industries

Built an informative website, for local business, setup IT and back end systems for efficient operation.  With our help they're as close as possible to run at 100% capacity.


Camera Setup Club

Manage Instagram Account from A-Z, Content Production, Video and Photo Acquisition, Production and Editing, Networking, Tagging, Influencer Marketing, Product Placement, Live Videos, Instagram TV, 


Superbly Specialized in Instagram

Of course we can do it all, but the thing we do best is Manage your INSTAGRAM Account, because it's the HOTTEST PLATFORM Right now, don't delay, tomorrow maybe too late.



Take your Instagram or Social Marketing to next level.  WIth Professional Service with Years of Experience and relentless passion.  With Our Extraordinary Clarity of Vision you will receive the results you're looking for,


Need more details? Contact us Today!

We are here to assist. It's Easiest to iron out details by Talking on the Phone, but you can also Contact us via email or via our Social Media channels.

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