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How to Become Successful

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Success is individually Defined. What does it mean to you?

Persistence, relentless persistence and passion, execution is the most important step, the idea needs to be good, but execution is of paramount importance.

“You say you want to be successful. But have you defined what success would be for you. Do you have a goal? You can't get somewhere if you don't know where that is.”

Not everyone knows what success is, but everyone would like to be successful.

What about you, what does it mean for you to be successful. Is it happiness, is it being totally fulfilled in every aspect of your life, is it happiness, or maybe wealth, or are you striving for some extraordinary achievements, what is it for you? What does it mean for you to be successful. Of course, you, you are the only one who can answer this question. In this short video I will present you some key points on how to become successful. There are few things that will help you achieve what you want. But only if you put that want into action.

How to succeed?

Number one: Hard work. You can not achieve anything without hard work, some successful people may seem like they don’t work enough, but believe me when they do, they are 100% laser focused on what they’re trying to accomplish, no multi-tasking there or watching YouTube videos. You need to work a lot and intensely, not only spending numerous hours at work, but moving toward a goal, and then you'll definitely get the reward you deserve. Remember that everyone has their chance for success and victory. However, you need to earn it first.

Number two, have some Passion for what you are doing, this helps a lot, you don’t have to absolutely love what you do, obviously it may seem like you do at first, but then the honeymoon period is over, and if there is some passion left, it will help to avoid a burnout. If you continually enjoy what you are doing, that helps a lot. But be certain you are still achieving your goals. Being passionate is not enough, you still have to keep the ball moving forward, Otherwise, you will lose your enthusiasm very quickly if you’re not achieving what you expected at first.

Number three, pick something and become good at it. Practice, Practice, Practice, that is the key on becoming great at something. I watched a TED talk once and forget the speaker but basically it takes on 20 hours to get reasonably good at something, want to play a guitar, spend 20 quality hours and you’ll learn the basics, want to learn how to type on the computer, spend 20 hours and you’ll be typing 30 words per minute, that’s all it takes, no magic or secret tricks here. To achieve something, you practice, practice, practice. To become expert at something that’s another story, that takes 10,000 hours to achieve, that’s about eight-hour work days for 5 years. I’m talking here Olympic level experts, the best in class, the best in the world.

Number four, focus on what matters most don’t try to do everything, write down all your goals but only work at four or five goals at the time, the rest just becomes your do not do list. Focus on what is really important. One thing in life that we can’t get more of is time, it just passes by and you can’t ever get more of it. Therefore, only do the highest priority tasks, only what’s important and urgent. This is the key to avoid being overwhelmed, you don’t need to do everything, just do what’s important.

Number five, work even harder, I know number one was work hard, but I have to say it again, Push yourself even more. The path that leads to success is full of challenges, hard work, long hours, however, you are not allowed to give up. No matter what happens, you have to push yourself forward all the time.

Number six, say no to others, unless it’s important to you. Doing everything for others, leaves no time for you. Are you in good health, are you spending the quality time on what you want, or are you living someone else’s life, serving others is being a slave to something others want. Politely evaluate if what someone wants you to do has a chance of helping you in the end. Yes it’s selfish but isn’t it what this country is based upon, the capitalistic system. I’m not saying say don’t help others, but don’t let that make you lose focus on your goal, work with others, to achieve your goals, cooperation is precisely what leads to success but only if it’s well targeted

Number seven, have a great idea, however Having an idea is only a start, you need a great idea and great execution plan, without great idea no amount of work is going to be rewarding as you’re doing the wrong thing from the start. Be creative and find a unique way to do what you love. There are billions of people in the world with the same ideas as you, what are you doing to make it stand out, what are you doing to make the idea work

Number eight, persistence is key, never give up, if you fail, get up and do it again, and again, average millionaire has had three failed businesses before they made it big, with the knowledge and experience you gain, event if you lose it all the next time you get up it’s going to be easier.

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